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Prediabetics 60 percent less likely to become diabetic if given some vitamin D – Jan 2014

Vitamin-D supplementation in prediabetes reduced progression to type 2 diabetes and was associated with decreased insulin resistance and systemic inflammation: An open label randomized prospective study from Eastern India

Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice
Deep Dutta , Samim Ali Mondal , Subhadip Choudhuri , Indira Maisnam , Abu Hena Hasanoor Reza , Basudeb Bhattacharya , Subhankar Chowdhury , Satinath Mukhopadhyay

Vitamin-D supplementation in vitamin-D insufficient/deficient prediabetes individuals is associated with significantly lower progression to diabetes (6/55 vs. 13/49; p=0.04) and higher reversal to normoglycemia (23/55 vs. 10/49; p=0.02), associated with decreased insulin resistance and systemic inflammation (TNFα and IL6). Baseline vitamin-D and 2h blood glucose independently predicted progression to diabetes.

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Unfortunately the abstract does not indicate the intervention dose

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