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Poop could save cities from too-early lockdown release

How some cities ‘flattened the curve’ during the 1918 flu pandemic National Geographic - March 27, 2020

Update Jan 2022 In Sewage, Clues to Omicron’s Surge NYT

  • "According to Biobot Analytics, a company tracking the coronavirus in wastewater in 183 communities across 25 states, viral levels have already begun to decline in many big cities but are still rising in smaller communities."

Is It Safe to Come Out of Lockdown? Check the Sewer NYT May 1

  • “It’s the signature of a whole community,...”
  • This week, the Water Research foundation sponsored a virtual research summit
  • Being used (a bit) in Brazil, Australia, France, Spain and the United States
  • “If we see a hot spot arising,” Dr. Xagoraraki said, “we can close down a particular area for a while, so you don’t kill the whole economy of a whole state.”

Wastewater could provide early, painless and localized data about the rise or fall of coronavirus levels.

  • "When cities or states come out of lockdown, they could check the sewers to follow the virus trend. An increase would tell them that people were infecting each other. “Then you need to go back into quarantine,”
  • Look at indiviudal manholes...“If we see a hot spot arising,” Dr. Xagoraraki said, “we can close down a particular area for a while, so you don’t kill the whole economy of a whole state.”

We fear that the lesson has not been learned.
Many countries and US states are considering stopping the lockdown too early

Lockdowns in 1918 did not have to deal with people driving and flying long distances as they do in 2020


Note - There may be a technological breakthrough to determine when to unlock
Test the sewage.
The virus is shed in your poop.
And, the virus is detected in poop even before it can be detected in the throat.
When the sewage tests clear for the virus you are sure that everyone in the catchment area (1,000,000?) no longer have the virus
Then the area can be safely unlocked

Note: In 1918 many doctors recommended taking 24 tablets of the new wonderdrug - Aspirin.
   reference: The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History - John Berry
In 2020 we are aware that taking NSAIDS such as Aspirin increases the virulence of a virus, so should not be taken




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Poop could save cities from too-early lockdown release        
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