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Passengers from Uganda now screened for Ebola (Vitamin D should help) - Oct 7, 2022

Ebola: This is Not "Over"

Robert Malone

  • Uganda govt. says the ourbreak is over. W.H.O and US govt/ do not believe them
  • W.H.O "The vaccines used successfully to curb recent Ebola outbreaks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are not effective against the type of Ebola virus that is responsible for this outbreak in Uganda
  • "According to the World Health Organization, the average fatality rate for Ebola is about 50%. The WHO says this outbreak appears to have been caused by Sudan virus, which it describes as a "severe, often fatal illness affecting humans." There are currently no approved vaccines or therapeutics for the Sudan ebolavirus."
    • "So, should the US government take this outbreak seriously? Absolutely".
    • "Should people in the USA be worried? Not at this time."

Note: Similar to COVID gain of function research. there has been Ebola gain of function research in the past decade

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