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Overview Dark skin births and Vitamin D


FACT: Avoiding the sun reduces your vitamin D intake
FACT: Can avoid the sun by use of sunscreen, not going outdoors, etc.
FACT: African Americans have very low levels of vitamin D (natural sun screen)
FACT: There is an increased need for vitamin D during pregnancy and breast feeding
Vitamin D Deficiency and Insufficiency is Common during Pregnancy – Jan 2011

Statistics for African-American vs white births in the US:

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All items in both categories: Dark Skin AND Pregnant

All items in both categories: Dark Skin AND Hypertension


Chart shows that blacks are almost 4X more likely to have less than 20ng of vitamin D

see wikipage: http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=1560

Left curve = blacks indoors (15 ng) /// Right curve = blacks outdoors (46ng)

Vitamin D vs Race at is.gd/vitD_race

CDC study of late 2011 has the following data

Percentage less than 20 nanograms of vitamin D

Less than 12 ng: White 4, Black 41, Mexican 17
Between 12-20 ng White 19, Black 37, Mexican 41
Note: US lowered the vitamin D levels to 20 nanograms in Nov 2010 - many recommend at least 30 nanograms

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  • Maternal mortality - Exceptionally deadly Economist July 2015
    Increase death rate suspected due to obesity, lack of access to medical care, higher rates of unexpected pregnancies
    Yet they note that the descrepancy of maternal death rates was 2X 100 years ago and is now 4X
    No mention of decrease in Vitamin D


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Overview Dark skin births and Vitamin D        
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