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One issue of Inflammation and Allergy-Drug Targets has vitamin D items behind paywall– June 2013

Studies are behind a paywall and the abstracts do no have much content

Editorial: Vitamin D deficiency and Critical Illness.
Christopher KB. No abstract available.
Vitamin D and Sepsis: From Associations to Causal Connections.
Kempker JA, Martin GS.
Vitamin D in acute kidney injury.
Braun AB, Christopher KB.
Efficacy of high-dose vitamin D supplementation in the critically ill.
Perron RM, Lee P.
Vitamin D Intervention Trials in the Critically Ill.
Schnedl C, Pieber TR, Amrein K.
Vitamin D Deficiency and Acute Lung Injury.
Parekh D, Thickett DR, Turner AM.
Vitamin D Measurement in the Intensive Care Unit: Methodology, Clinical Relevance and Interpretation of a Random Value.
Krishnan A, Venkatesh B.
Prevalence and risk factors of vitamin D deficiency in critically ill patients.
Sauneuf B, Brunet J, Lucidarme O, Cheyron DD.
The Role of Vitamin D in Prevention and Treatment of Infection Became available May 2014
Gunville CF, Mourani PM, Ginde AA.

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