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One Common Mistake That Will Foil Your Vitamin D Supplement Benefits – Mercola March 2018

Without Magnesium, Vitamin D Supplementation May Backfire

  • “As many as 50 percent of Americans taking vitamin D supplements may not get significant benefit, as the vitamin D simply gets stored in its inactive form due to magnesium deficiency”
  • Dr. Mercola also mentions the importance of increasing Vitamin K2 when increasing Vitamin D

Includes a review of

Role of Magnesium in Vitamin D Activation and Function
Which is in VitaminDWiki – see below


http://is.gd/MgVitaminD 2013

VitaminDWiki has long estimated that
  • Achieving a good level of Magnesium will boost Vitamin D levels by about 30%
  • About 1 in 300 people get pains in their body when increasing Vitamin D due to a lack of Magnesium

Reasons for low response by vitamin D level in the blood contains the following __

Short URL = http://is.gd/lowresponse

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