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Omega-3 Reduces risk of Breast Cancer

Items in both categories Breast Cancer and Omega-3 are listed here:

Omega-3 during pregnancy and breastfeeding is recommended – May 2019

Vitamin D and Omega-3 category starts with

355 Omega-3 items in category Omega-3 and Vitamin D separately & together help with: Autism (9 studies), Depression (27 studies), Cardiovascular (30 studies), Cognition (47 studies), Pregnancy (33 studies), Infant (24 studies), Obesity (12 studies), Mortality (5 studies), Breast Cancer (5 studies), Smoking, Sleep, Stroke, Longevity, Trauma (12 studies), Inflammation (18 studies), Multiple Sclerosis (9 studies), VIRUS (9 studies), etc

   See also - Overview: Omega-3 many benefits include helping vitamin D

Decrease Your Risk of Breast Cancer with Omega-3s Grassroots Health includes a table from the 2013 study


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