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Audience characterizations

Age 40+ (of either sex, of any skin color, of any weight, etc)
Believes that they can do something to improve their health/wellness (he is not getting all nutritional information just from a doctor)
Probably already taking 1 or more supplements
Probably has some current ache/pain
May have a current disease which they want to treat
May have a specific health concern - such as Alzheimer's, Cancer, falling, hypertension,
May be aware that they are at high risk of being vitamin D deficient (such as: dark skin, senior, obese, pregnant, etc)
Probably has heard about vitamin D before
May be concerned that vitamin D is being overhyped : like previous vitamins, wonderdrugs
Interest may be for self, children, aging parents, friends
Probably can understand English - but the video will have captions in 5 other languages
Can afford $10 to confirm that Vitamin D provides a noticeable benefit
Prefer fast feedback – not typically willing to wait for years to feel any benefit, will have to wait 1 or 2 months for vitamin D
   Not as fast of aspirin reducing headache, but far faster than aspirin reducing cancer or heart attack.
Perhaps the top points to be made/remembered

  1. You are no longer getting enough sun (see below)
  2. Sun produces vitamin D via your skin (perhaps use idea from Sunlight Institute - below)
  3. Vitamin D keeps your body healthy (perhaps use idea from Sunlight Institute - below)
  4. Need to restore vitamin D levels - more time in the sun, or low cost Vitamin D3 (if only take a single supplement, it should be vitamin D)
  5. How much vitamin D (include idea of high risk groups: (dark skin, seniors, obese, pregnant, .)
  6. How soon you will feel the benefits (1 month if quickly restore levels, otherwise 3 months)

Potential story to include: Proof that adding vitamin D prevents/treats

Proved by Many Random Controlled Trials
      which gives vitamin D to one half and a placebo to the other half, and see what happens
Rickets reduced 6000% by adding 400 IU vitamin D to infants for an entire country not a Random Controlled Trial
Back pain reduced by vitamin D in "only 97%" of the patients (file) not a Random Controlled Trial

More notes

Expect that it will be linked to by a wide variety of web sites, such as:
      vitamin D, diseases (e.g.breast cancer), employers, Health Maintenance Organizations, senior groups (e.g. AARP)
Minimize the use of VitaminDWiki name, or any specific product (people reject advertisements)
Marketing will be included - such as with social media marketing by https://www.thunderclap.it/
The version of the video should take very little bandwidth - such that virtually anyone can view it without its pausing.
    YouTube is the primary target for this video, but we might, in addition, host it some other place which provides low bandwidth viewing (with FLASH)
Since most people know how to pause a video, can use detailed graphics if it can work at two levels:
    quick first view, then read the details while paused in a later viewing
    example diseases prevented/treated by Vitamin D: perhaps shown on the body
Cofactors: would like to spend a few seconds describing the need for cofactors to balance any vitamin D doses > 3500 IU
     Mg, Ca, Vitamin K-2, etc cofactors also help bones, teeth, hair, and naisl

How YouTube Annotations Work
Candidate links include: VitaminDWiki, Vitamin D Council, Grassroots Health, BioTech Pharmacal, Ample Earth

Will be created by http://ampleearth.com/
(They have a great video about the importance of videos)

Image Image Image Image Image

Some short vitamin D videos

Why we need vitamin D March 2013; 5 minutes

Image Image

Getting your Vitamin D March 2011, 3 minutes

Image Image Image

Vitamin D council cartoon video of vitamin D and request for support July 2013

Image Image

How Vitamin D Works great animation by Sunlight Institute
how we get D and how it works in the body


Length of viral videos

Viral videos tend to be 1 to 5 minutes in length. Length varies a lot.
Educational viral videos are typically 14 minutes in length - much longer

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