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Off topic: Video sessions with doctors now paid for by several US insurance companies – April 2015

Video Is About to Become the Way We All Visit the Doctor Wired

Re-imbursed by

  • UnitedHealthcare (US largest?),
  • Oscar,
  • WellPoint
  • BlueCross BlueShield plans (some)

Advantages of telemedicine to the consumer

  • Access
  • Immediacy (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • Convenience
    Example – working mother: “can’t take a day off of work to bring child to the doctor whenever they have the sniffles. Instead, they can fire up their phones, wait a couple minutes, and have access to one of 1,400 licensed physicians, who can provide them with a diagnosis and a prescription all by video”

Advantage to health insurer :

  • lower cost of a ”visit”
  • fast access will reduce the problem getting worse/more expensive

Example US companies providing this online service via computers, smartphones, tablets,etc are

Observations by VitaminDWiki

  • Your personal doctor will rarely be the video conference doctor (currently)
  • Hope that virtual doctor will have access to your medical records, prescriptions, etc - in the future
  • Hope that you will be able to access the same doctor for follow-up "visits"
  • Hope that they will have some easy way of comunicating prescriptions to your local pharmacy
  • Dr. Watson (computer program which already passes med school final exams) will be available in a few years to
    Virtual doctors, your personal doctor, yourself
    And will have perfect access to millions of medical cases
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