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Off topic: Special issue on Longevity in the Journal Nature - free text Dec 2012

Nature (06 December 2012)

Brief, but nice

Ageing Michelle Grayson Nature 492, S1

Demography: To the limit Tony Scully Nature 492, S2–S3

Cognition: The brain's decline Alison Abbott Nature 492, S4–S5

Centenarians: Great expectations Michael Eisenstein Nature 492, S6–S8

Q&A Eva Kahana: Ageing proactively Rebecca Kessler Nature 492, S9

Comparative biology: Looking for a master switch Sarah Deweerdt Nature 492, S10–S11

Stem cells: Repeat to fade Peter Wehrwein Nature 492, S12–S13

Microbiome: Cultural differences Virginia Hughes Nature 492, S14-S15

Technology: Dancing with robots Neil Savage Nature 492, S16–S17

Interventions: Live long and prosper Katherine Bourzac Nature 492, S18–S20

Example graphic - if you miss cancer and heart problems (with vitamin D?) you might live a long time


With vitamin D you might have declining weeks/months instead of declining years

Square the curve

Vitamin D should reduce medical costs

See also VitaminDWiki


see page http://is.gd/lowddeath

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