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Of US pregnant women who were tested for Zika, 279 were positive – how many are actually infected - May 2016

Update June 16 US Zika pregnancies 157 in May, 234 a month later (not including Puerto Rico)– June 2016

Change in Zika counting method triples tally of US cases in pregnant women Guardian May 20

  • Pregnant women in US (157) and Puerto Rico and other territories (122)
  • “The 544 known cases in the US were in people who had traveled to areas where there has been a Zika outbreak, or had sex with someone who traveled to an outbreak region.”
  • “ . . But reports published this year indicate some pregnant women with laboratory evidence of a recent Zika infection – but who never had symptoms – have delivered infants with these defects”
  • “Doctors are also encouraged to ask pregnant women if their sex partner has been infected or traveled to an outbreak area.
    Note by VitaminDWiki – sex partner does NOT have to have had symptoms to be infected.

Note: A study has shown that people can carry a similar virus, Dengue, and not have any symptoms. Thus Dengue, and perhaps Zika can cause infection enough to let it be carried over to fetus and sex partner. We do not believe that has not been considered in current estimations of Zika outbreaks

It is highly unlikely that the CDC is testing ALL pregnant women for Zika. CDC does not indicate which pregnant women are tested. There are probably many many more US pregnant women who would test positive for Zika.

Note: there are ~10,000 US births daily.

Note: CDC does not indicate who they decided to test, nor how many were tested who did not have Zika

Probably no bites in the US yet. However, mosquito season starts soon

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