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October Babies more likely to be successful, live longer, etc (Vitamin D, etc) Oct 2019

Are October Babies Destined for Success? News10.com

  • “A 2014 study of stamina and strength in school children revealed babies born in October may be better athletes.”
    • Note by VitaminDWiki - the Oct children are 10 months older and stronger than the August children in the same school year - this is know as the Relative Age Effect
  • “”October babies also have a higher likelihood of being President.
    More US Presidents have been born in October that any other month.”
  • “The University of Chicago research shows people born in October “have a significantly higher likelihood of survival to age 100 compared to individuals born in April.””
  • “Researchers have also linked October birthdays with lower risk for suicide and healthier hearts”

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Note: The benefit of month of birth benefit will most likely disappear when increase Vitamin D during pregnancy

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