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Many Pharmacists Can’t Tell You About Lower Cost Options – Feb 2018

Why Your Pharmacist Can’t Tell You That $20 Prescription Could Cost Only $8 New York Times

  • “The clauses force the pharmacists to remain silent as, for example, a consumer pays $125 under her insurance plan for an influenza drug that would have cost $100 if purchased with cash.”
    “Much of the difference often goes to the drug benefit managers.”
  • Gag laws in most states
  • “At least five states have adopted laws to make sure pharmacists can inform patients about less costly ways to obtain their medicines, and at least a dozen others are considering legislation to prohibit gag clauses… “
  • “A consumer filling a prescription for a drug to treat diabetes or high blood pressure may owe $20 if he uses insurance coverage. By contrast, a consumer paying cash might have to pay $8 to $15.”
  • North Dakota and a good law for consumers, but it being sued by Pharmaceutical Care Management Association,
    • “In North Dakota, a new law explicitly bans gag orders. It says that a pharmacy or pharmacist may provide information that “may include the cost and clinical efficacy of a more affordable alternative drug if one is available.”
    • “The North Dakota law also says that a pharmacy benefit manager or insurer may not charge a co-payment that exceeds the actual cost of a medication.”

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Drug profit motives - personal note by Henry Lahore, Founder of VitaminDWiki

A few years ago I picked up 4 prescriptions for my father-in law.
One "prescription" was for a bottle of 12 aspirin,which cost $12 (325 mg = standard dose)
On the shelf at the drugstore was a bottle of aspirin costing $0.01 per pill
I suspect the pharmacist got about $4 for selling the "prescription"
I also suspect that the doctor was able to bill Medicare for making the prescription.

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