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Lower IQ among Autistic Black children (5 in 10) than White (3 in 10) - Dec 2021

Record-breaking autism rates reported with new CDC criteria MDEdge - Dec 2, 2021

"For example, among those with ASD and data on cognitive ability, 35.2% had an intelligence quotient score of 70 or lower.
Black children with ASD were far more likely to have an IQ of 70 or less (49.8%)
than Hispanic (33.1%)
or White (29.7%) children."

VitaminDWiki suspects that any child with low vitamin D will have a low IQ (those with dark skins have lower Vitamin D levels

Low vitamin D is associated with incrases in >70 heatlh problems

VitaminDWiki - Cognitive and Dark Skin

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Autism category has 140 items

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Autism associated with low Vitamin D

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Autism and Vitamin D Receptor (not enough Vit D to the tissues)

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VitaminDWiki - Overview Dark Skin and Vitamin D contains

FACT - - People with dark skins have more health problems and higher mortality rate than those with light skins
FACT - - People with dark skins have low levels of vitamin D
FACT - - People with light skins who have low vitamin D have health problems
OBSERVATION - - The health problems of whites with low level of vitamin D are similar to those with dark skins
CONCLUSION - - People with dark skins have more health problems due to low levels of vitamin D
African American Health Disparities are associated with low Vitamin D - Feb 2021
Low Vitamin D increases health problems - independent of skin color

Dark Skin studies: Pregnancy (25 studies),  Genetics (13 studies),  Vitamin D Binding Protein (7 studies),  Vitamin D Receptor (7 studies),  Diabetes (23 studies),   Cardiovascular (18 studies),  Mortality (11 studies), Intervention (16 studies) Click here to see the studies

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