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Longevity and healthspan increased by Vitamin D - many studies

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5% of the world consumes 55% of the prescription medications while lifespan is decreasing (US) – March 2024 19 Mar, 2024
Low Vitamin D is one reason for shorter lifespan amoung the poor - Dec 2023 22 Jan, 2024
High Omega-3 index increases longevity, even among smokers - Patrick Jan 2024 17 Jan, 2024
Extending Health Span is a better goal than extending Lifespan -July 2021 01 Jan, 2024
16 Longevity books compared in a video - Dec 2023 20 Dec, 2023
Possible large Vitamin D intervention trial to increase longevity in Saudi Arabia etc. 10 Dec, 2023
Life-extension, improved healthspan: Diet, Exercise, Omega-3, Vitamin D - many studies 09 Dec, 2023
The Longevity and Brain Benefits of Vigorous Exercise - Patrick video Dec 2023 05 Dec, 2023
The ONE Supplement All Longevity Experts Are Taking (Magnesium) - video and transcript Dec 2023 03 Dec, 2023
Longevity experts take Vitamin D, Omega-3, and Magnesium - Patrick video Sept 2023 10 Nov, 2023
How Vitamin D, Omega-3s, and Exercise May Increase Longevity - Patrick Nov 2023 10 Nov, 2023
Longevity and healthspan increased by Vitamin D - many studies 06 Apr, 2023
Magnesium Role in Health and Longevity - many studies 18 Oct, 2022
Vitamin D might increase lifespan – clinical trial with 5,000 mice - June 2021 06 Jun, 2021
Longevity expert (Sinclair) supplements include Vitamin D, Vitamin K, and Resveratrol – Sept 2019 30 Sep, 2019
Lifespan and healthspan extension by resveratrol - Jan 2015 28 Apr, 2019
Healthspan is more important than Lifespan – JAMA Oct 2018 02 Oct, 2018
Centenarians have good Vitamin D Receptors (longevity is also increased by higher Vit D levels) – Aug 2016 24 Jul, 2017
Avoiding the sun reduces lifespan by 2 years (smoking reduces lifespan by 10 years) – March 2016 09 Jun, 2017
Sunbathing (vitamin D) increases lifespan in Sweden by about 1 year – March 2016 09 Jun, 2017
Vitamin D extends lifespan about 60 percent (for worms in a lab) – Oct 2016 26 Oct, 2016
Micronutrients, methylation, epigenetics, longevity podcast by Rhonda Patrick and Tim Ferriss - June 2015 22 Jun, 2015
Off topic: Special issue on Longevity in the Journal Nature - free text Dec 2012 07 Dec, 2012
If you have inherited longevity genes you can take 200 IU less vitamin D - Nov 2012 09 Nov, 2012
Every hour of TV watched reduces your lifespan by 22 minutes – Aug 2011 26 Aug, 2011

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Live 24 years longer if have 8 habits (survey of 700,000 veterans) - July 2023 17 Oct, 2023
Live 14 years longer with healthy lifestyle (2 years longer if good vitamin D) – Dr. Greger Oct 2019 22 May, 2023
Longer telomeres (perhaps live longer) if higher maternal vitamin D – May 2022 20 May, 2022
Live 7 years longer free of major disease if eat well, not smoke, not obese, moderate drink and exercise (100,000 people) – Jan 2020 22 Feb, 2020
October Babies more likely to be successful, live longer, etc (Vitamin D, etc) Oct 2019 03 Oct, 2019
You will live longer if you have a high level of vitamin D – March 2019 12 Jul, 2019
Live longer if have strong life purpose – JAMA May 2019 04 Jun, 2019
Live longer if have more than 40 ng of Vitamin D (gene analysis of 10,500 people) – Jan 2019 29 Jan, 2019
Why do gardeners live longer (vitamin D, etc.) 18 Nov, 2018
Pancreatic Cancer – live a year longer if have high vitamin D and good Vitamin D Receptor – Aug 2018 15 Aug, 2018
Live longer with lung cancer if have good vitamin D genes (or perhaps lots of vitamin D) – Dec 2017 17 Jun, 2018
Live longer if high Vitamin D or Omega-3 (probably both) 04 Apr, 2018
Much more likely to live longer if higher vitamin D – 27,000 seniors Feb 2017 01 Mar, 2017
Off topic - Book reading seniors lived 2 years longer 08 Sep, 2016
Colon cancer patients with high vitamin D live 1 year longer – June 2015 08 Apr, 2016
Live Longer with Vitamin D - Holick March 2015 17 May, 2015
UK adults lived longer, had fewer health problems if vitamin D levels 36 ng – Nov 2014 29 Oct, 2014
Vitamin D supplementation can cost 50 dollars a day (live longer) 22 Sep, 2014
Vitamin D supplementation can cost seniors more than 5 dollars a day (live longer) 22 Sep, 2014
Contrarian View: Vitamin allows people to live longer but does not treat Cancers, etc. – March 2014 17 Mar, 2014
Off Topic: Smaller people may live longer due to more benefit from supplements and drugs 05 Feb, 2013

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  • Vitamin D-Sire for Longevity: Can Vitamin D Contribute to Life Expectancy? - Aug 2023 https://doi.org/10.1007/s12603-023-1964-3 FREE PDF
  • Vitamin D in physiological and pathological aging: Lesson from centenarians - October 2019 FREE PDF
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Methylation of Vitamin D genes changes vitamin D getting to cells- Dec 2016

Relationship between methylation status of vitamin D-related genes, vitamin D levels, and methyl-donor biochemistry
Journal of Nutrition & Intermediary Metabolism Volume 6, December 2016, Pages 8-15 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jnim.2016.04.010
Emma LouiseBeckett a b KonstaDuesingb CharlotteMartina PatriceJonesa JohnFurstcKatrina KingdSuzanne Niblettd ZoeYatese Martin Veysey df Mark Lucocka


  • Plasma 25(OH)D positively correlates with methylation status of the vitamin D receptor gene.
  • Vitamin D status relates to the methylation status of the genes of key enzymes involved in vitamin D metabolism.
  • DNA methylation may influence vitamin D metabolism, possibly explaining varied responses to intake.
  • Methyl-donor related biochemistry (serum folate, B12, plasma homocysteine) does not significantly alter these relationships.

Vitamin D is known for its role in the regulation of gene expression via the vitamin D receptor, a nuclear transcription factor. More recently, a role for vitamin D in regulating DNA methylation has been identified as an additional mechanism of modulation of gene expression. How methylation status influences vitamin D metabolism and response pathways is not yet clear.
Therefore, we aimed to assess the relationship between plasma 25-hydroxycholecalciferol (25(OH)D) and the methylation status of

  • vitamin D metabolism enzyme genes (CYP2R1, CYP27B1 and CYP24A1) and the
  • vitamin D receptor gene (VDR).

This analysis was conducted in the context of dietary vitamin D, and background methyl donor related biochemistry, with adjustment for several dietary and lifestyle variables. Percentage methylation at CpG sites was assessed in peripheral blood cells using methylation sensitive and dependent enzymes and qPCR. Standard analytical techniques were used to determine plasma 25(OH)D and homocysteine, and serum folate and B12, with the relationship to methylation status assessed using multi-variable regression analysis. CYP2R1 and VDR methylation were found to be independent predictors of plasma 25(OH)D, when adjusted for vitamin D intake and other lifestyle variables. CYP24A1 was related to plasma 25(OH)D directly, but not in the context of vitamin D intake. Methyl-group donor biochemistry was associated with the methylation status of some genes, but did not alter the relationship between methylation and plasma 25(OH)D.
Modulation of methylation status of CYP2R1, CYP24A1 and VDR in response to plasma 25(OH)D may be part of feedback loops involved in maintaining vitamin D homeostasis, and may explain a portion of the variance in plasma 25(OH)D levels in response to intake and sun exposure. Methyl-group donor biochemistry, while a potential independent modulator, did not alter this effect.
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Vitamin D supplementation is associated 2 year slower epigenetic aging - May 2022

GeroScience volume 44, pages 1847–1859 (2022)
Valentin Max Vetter, Yasmine Sommerer, Christian Humberto Kalies, Dominik Spira, Lars Bertram & Ilja Demuth 

Adverse effects of low vitamin D level on mortality and morbidity are controversially discussed.
Especially older people are at risk for vitamin D deficiency and therefore exposed to its potentially harmful consequences.
A way of measuring differences in the biological age is through DNA methylation age (DNAm age) and its deviation from chronological age, DNAm age acceleration (DNAmAA).
We previously reported on an association between vitamin D deficiency and higher 7-CpG DNAmAA in participants of the Berlin Aging Study II (BASE-II). In this study, we employ a quasi-interventional study design to assess the relationship between DNAmAA of five epigenetic clocks and vitamin D supplementation.
Longitudinal data were available for 1,036 participants of BASE-II that were reexamined on average 7.4 years later in the GendAge study (mean age at follow-up: 75.6 years, SD = 3.8 years, age range: 64.9–94.1 years, 51.9% female).
DNAmAA was estimated with the

  • 7-CpG clock,
  • Horvath’s clock,
  • Hannum’s clock,
  • PhenoAge, and
  • GrimAge.

Methylation data were obtained through methylation-sensitive single nucleotide primer extension (MS-SNuPE) or Illumina’s Infinium “MethylationEPIC” array. Vitamin D–deficient participants who chose to start vitamin D supplementation after baseline examination showed a

  • 2.6-year lower 7-CpG DNAmAA (p = 0.011) and
  • 1.3-year lower Horvath DNAmAA (p = 0.042)

compared to untreated and vitamin D–deficient participants.
DNAmAA did not statistically differ between participants with successfully treated vitamin D deficiency and healthy controls (p > 0.16).
Therefore, we conclude that intake of vitamin D supplement is associated with lower DNAmAA in participants with vitamin D deficiency.
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Examine.com reviewed this study

Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2022, 23(20), 12292; https://doi.org/10.3390/ijms232012292
by Ashmika Foolch etc.

The highly transmittable and infectious COVID-19 remains a major threat worldwide, with the elderly and comorbid individuals being the most vulnerable. While vaccines are currently available, therapeutic drugs will help ease the viral outbreak and prevent serious health outcomes. Epigenetic modifications regulate gene expression through changes in chromatin structure and have been linked to viral pathophysiology. Since epigenetic modifications contribute to the life cycle of the virus and host immune responses to infection, epigenetic drugs are promising treatment targets to ameliorate COVID-19. Deficiency of the multifunctional secosteroid hormone vitamin D is a global health threat. Vitamin D and its receptor function to regulate genes involved in immunity, apoptosis, proliferation, differentiation, and inflammation. Amassed evidence also indicates the biological relations of vitamin D with reduced disease risk, while its receptor can be modulated by epigenetic mechanisms. The immunomodulatory effects of vitamin D suggest a role for vitamin D as a COVID-19 therapeutic agent. Therefore, this review highlights the epigenetic effects on COVID-19 and vitamin D while also proposing a role for vitamin D in COVID-19 infections.
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VitaminDWiki is trying to setup a 5,000 person vitamin D demonstration - which may show improved longevity

Two Vitamin D megatrials (>5,000 people) on reducing all-cause mortality are underway - 2021

Investigational drugs and nutrients for human longevity. Recent clinical trials registered in ClinicalTrials.gov and clinicaltrialsregister.eu
https://doi.org/10.1080/13543784.2021.1939306 PDF is behind a paywall

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A good review of increased longevity: https://agingbiotech.info/

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