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Italian nursing home COVID-19 – 4X less likely to die if taking Vitamin D– Dec 22, 2020

Mortality in an Italian nursing home during COVID-19 pandemic: correlation with gender, age, ADL, vitamin D supplementation, and limitations of the diagnostic tests

AGING 2020, Vol. 12, No. 24


4X less likely FOR ANY AMOUNT of Vitamin D = (17/56) / (3/42)


The amount and timing of the Vitamin D is nogt given in the study.
Suspect that the Italian dosing was less than that given in a French nursing home

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Biagio Cangiano1,2,3’,Letizia Maria Fatti1’,Leila Danesi1, Giacomo Gazzano4, Marina Croci1, Giovanni Vitale1,3,5, Luisa Gilardini1, Stefania Bonadonna1, Iacopo Chiodini1,2, Chiara Francesca Caparello6, Antonio Conti1, Luca Persani1,2,3, Marco Stramba-Badiale7, Marco Bonomi1,2,3 m.bonomi at auxologico.it, marco.bonomi at unimi.it on behalf of the “Mons G. Bicchierai” nursing home group#

Introduction: The COVID-19 pandemic caused an increased mortality in nursing homes due to its quick spread and the age-related high lethality.

Results: We observed a two-month mortality of 40%, compared to 6.4% in the previous year. This increase was seen in both COVID-19 positive (43%) and negative (24%) residents, but 8 patients among those testing negative on the swab, tested positive on serological tests. Increased mortality was associated with male gender, older age, no previous vitamin D supplementation and worse “activities of daily living (ADL)” scores, such as Barthel index, Tinetti scale and S.OS.I.A. classification.

Conclusion: Our data confirms a higher geriatric mortality due to COVID-19. Negative residents also had higher mortality, which we suspect is secondary to preanalytical error and a low sensitivity of the swab test in poorly compliant subjects. Male gender, older age and low scores on ADL scales (probably due to immobility) are risk factors for COVID-19 related mortality. Finally, mortality was inversely associated with vitamin D supplementation.

Design: In this observational study, we described the two-month mortality among the 157 residents (age 60100) of a nursing home after Sars-CoV-2 spreading, reporting the factors associated with the outcome. We also compared the diagnostic tests for Sars-CoV-2.

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