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Inflammation is associated with low vitamin D in at least 15 diseases – April 2020

Associations of C-reactive Protein with 25-hydroxyvitamin D in 24 Specific Diseases: A Cross-sectional Study from NHANES

Scientific Reports volume 10, Article number: 5883 (2020)
Fang Yang, Mengzi Sun, Chong Sun, Jiagen Li, Xiuning Yang, Chunli Bi, Min Wang, Liyuan Pu, Jianmeng Wang, Chunxiao Wang, Meizhen Xie, Yan Yao & Lina Jin


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  • CRP and vitamin D associations were generally linear among respiratory, gastrointestinal, and mental diseases, meaning that as vitamin D levels increased, there was a steady and continuous decrease in CRP levels- CRP and vitamin D associations were stronger in mental diseases
  • CRP and vitamin D showed a non-linear association among metabolic diseases such as diabetes and cancer, meaning the effect of vitamin D on CRP levels was greater at lower levels but slowed at higher levels of vitamin D, with an eventual plateau
  • Cancer had a higher cut-off value of vitamin D than other diseases, meaning that after other diseases reached a plateau with vitamin D cancer still showed a reduced risk from higher levels
  • CRP and vitamin D also demonstrated a negative relationship in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
    • The relationship between CRP and vitamin D levels were statistically significant for the majority of diseases; the authors concluded that nonsignificant associations may have been due to too few people with those disases

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(a) respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases;
(b) metabolic diseases;
(c) cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;
(d) mental diseases;
(e) other diseases

Most diseases might be associated with acute or chronic inflammation, and the role of vitamin D in diseases has been extensively explored in recent years. Thus, we examined the associations of one of the best markers for inflammation ― C-reactive protein (CRP) with 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] in 24 specific diseases. We performed cross-sectional analyses among 9,809 subjects aged ≥18 years who participated in the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) in 2007~2010. The generalized additive model (GAM) was used to explore the associations of CRP with 25(OH)D in different diseases, adjusted for the age, gender, examination period and race. Distributions of CRP were significantly different (P < 0.05) in gender, examination period and race, and distributions of 25(OH)D were different (P < 0.05) in the examination period and race. Generally, CRP was negatively associated with 25(OH)D for majority diseases. 25(OH)D was negatively associated with CRP generally, and the associations were disease-specific and disease category-specific. In respiratory, gastrointestinal and mental diseases, the associations tended to be approximately linear. While in metabolic diseases, the associations were nonlinear, and the slope of the nonlinear curve decreased with 25(OH)D, especially when 25(OH)D < 30 μg/L.

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