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Infant Shudders, Shivers, Jitteriness etc can be early signs of low Vitamin D - Jan 2017

Benign Neonatal Shudders, Shivers, Jitteriness, or Tremors: Early Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency

American Academy of Pediatrics, Accepted January 19, 2017
Millicent Collins, Michal Young


I cannot find a similar conclusion in any previous study
Seems possible, but I am unsure
Henry Lahore - founder of VitaminDWiki

Perhaps tremors are associated with the following
Overview Epileptic children and Vitamin D

Jitteriness and tremors in the newborn period typically precipitate an extensive, invasive, and expensive search for the etiology. Vitamin D deficiency has not been historically included in the differential of tremors. We report a shivering, jittery newborn who was subjected to a battery of testing, with the only biochemical abnormality being vitamin D deficiency. A second case had chin tremors and vitamin D deficiency. Review of our patients suggests that shudders, shivers, jitteriness, or tremors may be the earliest sign of vitamin D deficiency in the newborn. Neonates who present with these signs should be investigated for vitamin D deficiency.

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