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Genes evolve to adapt to excess or low vitamin D (Eskimo, Reindeer, etc.) – June 2019

Note: It probably takes many 1,000's of years for the genes to adapt

Reindeer genes are 20X better at activating Vitamin D than other mammals

Biological adaptations in the Arctic cervid, the reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) - June 2019
 Download the PDF fromSci-Hub via VitaminDWiki

POR = P450 Oxidoreductase

Suspect also that Reindeer have gene modifications which increase the Vitamin D half life from ~2 months to > 5 months

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Vitamin D blood test misses a lot
Blood Test Misses a lot (VDW 3439)

  • Vitamin D from coming from tissues (vs blood) was speculated to be 50% in 2014, and by 2017 was speculated to be 90%
  • Note: Good blood test results (> 40 ng) does not mean that a good amount of Vitamin D actually gets to cells
  • A Vitamin D test in cells rather than blood was feasible (2017 personal communication)
  •    Commercially available 2019
    • However, test results would vary in each tissue due to multiple genes
  • Good clues that Vitamin D is being restricted from getting to the cells
    1) A vitamin D-related health problem runs in the family
    2) Slightly increasing Vitamin D shows benefits (even if conventional Vitamin D test shows an increase)
    3) Vitamin D Receptor test (<$30) scores are difficult to understand in 2016
    • easier to understand the VDR 23andMe test results analyzed by FoundMyFitness in 2018

    4) Back Pain

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