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Full vaccination plus extreme lockdown - virus mutated and spread (China) - Dec 2022

China Paradox (1) "record covid cases" in late 2022 following draconian lockdowns with 90% vaccinated; a complete failure that the world keeps following

Dr. V Substck Dec 10, 2022

COVID vaccinations do not last forever
COVID virus mutations avoid the vaccine (to BF.7 in this case)

VitaminDWiki sent letters to China - suggesting stopping the virus with emergency Vitamin D

No response to letters of August 2022
Dear Dr Shen,

I am writing to you because of a mutual interest in vitamin D and my desire to improve the health of the world, specifically now with Covid-19. A retired engineer, I founded what is now the world’s largest Vitamin D website, VitaminDWiki.com, currently containing over 13,000 studies on Vitamin D and related topics, including your study of Vitamin D related mortality. It is my conclusion after assessing more than 600 studies, and the personal experience of my wife, that Vitamin D could play a major role in both preventing and treating Covid in China, at low cost and with few to zero negative side effects.

It is well understood in the Vitamin D community that Vitamin D can treat and possibly prevent Covid, as shown by 26 meta-analyses and 165 clinical trials (August 2022). And it appears from many studies that a single large dose given at the onset of symptoms can effectively stop the virus. I was asked to be a technical advisor for a Chinese trial (ningzhiwei2019@hotmail.com), but it was not started due to an insufficient number of subjects. The loading dose of Vitamin D for that study was set to 600,000 IUs, but many studies indicate that a much lower dose of 200,000 IUs would be adequate for most people. My wife, who has a poor vitamin D receptor, took 400,000 IUs of nanoemulsion Vitamin D, which stopped her Covid symptoms within 8 hours.

It seems that the Zero COVID policy might be greatly supported by Vitamin D. China is in the unique position of being able to detect and initiate treatment for Covid early, within 2 days of a positive test. This means that a large dose of Vitamin D could be provided in time to quickly extinguish the infection. And, with Vitamin D, even asymptomatic people who had tested positive would be expected to test negative in half the usual time, and people in contact with a COVID case would be far less likely ever to test positive. It is my hope that in your position as head of the Chinese CDC and interest in Vitamin D, you will consider the benefits of giving high dose Vitamin D to people coming into quarantine, even those who are asymptomatic, as a trial in a single lockdown population, to be followed up by wider adoption if the trial proves successful.

As a nonprofit organization, VitaminDWiki has no financial interest in promoting vitamin D.

But if I can help with data, or even provide Vitamin D for a trial, please let me know.

Yours sincerely,
Henry Lahore founder of VitaminDWiki phone: 360-301-9413

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