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For every Omega-3 dollar there is a 84 dollar savings in Cardiovascular costs - Foster and Sullivan April 2016

Number needed to treat = 84 (Europe average )

How many people need to take Omega-3 to have 1 less Cardiovascular problem
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NOTE: I, Henry Lahore, take Omega-3 + Vitamin D + Mg (orally and topically)
   along with |nuts (Omega-3+ Omega-9 + Mg) and flax (Omega-3)

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Cardio Meta-analyses: 32 studies


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  • Overview: Omega-3 many benefits include helping vitamin D
    In addition to reducing cadio problems, Omega-3 has proven benefits in Depression, Cognition, Pregnancy, Obesity, Trauma, etc.
    All of which decrease medical costs - far beyond that of just CVD medical costs in this study
    I suspect that the cost reduction of 84X for just Cardio becomes 200X for all medical problems

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