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Fight Cancer with more than cut, burn, and poison – Nobel prize for T-Cell – Oct 2018


James P. Allison
Cut, burn, poison = Surgery (3000 years), Radiation (1896), Chemotherapy (1946)
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  • “Why doesn't our immune system recognize and fight cancer the way it does other diseases, like the common cold? As it turns out, the answer to that question can be traced to a series of tricks that cancer has developed to turn off normal immune responses-tricks that scientists have only recently discovered and learned to defeat. The result is what many are calling cancer's "penicillin moment," a revolutionary discovery in our understanding of cancer and how to beat it.”

T-cells helped by Vitamin D– See VitaminDWiki

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A year after 2nd COVID vaccination, stems cells not available to fetus immune system – Nov 2022 14 Nov, 2022
COVID death 12X more likely if poor Vitamin D Receptor (less D gets to cells) -several studies 05 Nov, 2022
Cancer stem cells and Vitamin D - many studies 30 Oct, 2022
Brain cells can probably activate Vitamin D without liver or kidney (at least in rats) – Sept 2017 25 Oct, 2022
Resveratrol, which increased Vitamin D in the cell, improves vision – July 2022 03 Oct, 2022
10X more skin cancer cells killed by photodynamic therapy when add Vitamin D – Feb 2020 15 Sep, 2022
Increased Phosphorus increases Vitamin D getting to cells (CYP24A1, pigs) - Aug 2022 25 Aug, 2022
Fibromyalgia Syndrome correlated with poor Vitamin D Receptor (less D to cells) in a small study – July 2022 24 Aug, 2022
Vitamin D Receptors are both inside the cell and at the cell membrane – July 2020 09 Aug, 2022
COVID 3X more likely if a poor Receptor (cells get less Vitamin D from the blood) – July 2022 21 Jul, 2022
Poor genes (DBP, CYP24A1, CYP2R, etc.) restrict Vitamin D to cells, increasing COVID hospitalization – May 2022 18 May, 2022
Vitamin D levels in cells, not blood, is important (IVF follicular fluid in this case) – Aug 2021 27 Apr, 2022
COVID-19 risk reduced 4X by each of: Vitamin D, Omega-3, Curcumin, Zinc (each increases D in cells) 13 Apr, 2022
Vitamin D Binding Protein may affect immune system dendritic cells – March 2022 13 Mar, 2022
Some diseases reduce vitamin D getting to blood or cells 21 Jan, 2022
More Vitamin D to cells should prevent Uterine Fibroids – multiple studies 26 Dec, 2021
Covid-19, T cells, and Vitamin D 14 Dec, 2021
Stroke rehabilitation (and prevention) requires Vitamin D actually getting to cells – March 2020 12 Nov, 2021
Low Level Laser Therapy (PBM) helped by Vitamin D (dental stem cells in this case) – June 2021 06 Nov, 2021
Breast Cancer reduces receptor and thus blocks Vitamin D to the cells – several studies 18 Oct, 2021
Quercetin increases Vitamin D getting to cells (fights COVID, etc) 14 Oct, 2021
Macrophages (a white blood cell) can activate Vitamin D without the kidneys– Sept 2021 09 Oct, 2021
Vitamin D aids the clearing out of old cells (autophagy) – many studies 18 Aug, 2021
Poor Receptor predicts sepsis death (restricts Vitamin D from getting to cells) – Aug 2021 16 Aug, 2021
Fight Cancer with more than cut, burn, and poison – Nobel prize for T-Cell – Oct 2018 12 Aug, 2021
The vitamin d receptor and T cell function- June 2013 05 Aug, 2021
COVID-19 outpatients getting Quercetin nanoemulsion had excellent outcomes (Q increased Vitamin D in cells) – RCT – June 2021 30 Jul, 2021
Resveratol helps vitamin D bind to cells 24 Jul, 2021
Poor male fertility is association with poor Vitamin D Receptor (less D to the cells) – July 2021 02 Jul, 2021
Vitamin D and COVID-19 both affect immune cells – June 2021 29 Jun, 2021
T-cells need at least 40-50 ng of Vitamin D to fight COVID-19 - June 2021 01 Jun, 2021
Vitamin D helps T-cell and immune system – overview Aug 2011 25 May, 2021
A virus that most adults have (Cytomegalovirus) decreases the amount of Vitamin D which gets to the cells – Jan 2017 19 May, 2021
Vitamin D may also get into cells via TRPV1 (not just VDR) – April 2021 08 Apr, 2021
Vitamin D appears to reduce energy to cancer cells in several ways – March 2021 03 Mar, 2021
COVID-19 patients with low vitamin D had far fewer natural killer cells – Dec 2020 15 Dec, 2020
Increased Colorectal cancer risk if Vitamin D does not lower PTH (Vit D not getting to cells) – Nov 2020 06 Nov, 2020
Vitamin D in the blood encounters many restrictions in getting to the cells – Sept 2020 11 Sep, 2020
Sickle cell Vitamin D deficiency corrected with 160 K IU loading dose – July 2014 25 Jul, 2020
Vitamin D, Quercetin, and Estradiol all increase vitamin D in cells and increase genes which reduce COVID-19 – May 21, 2020 21 May, 2020
Colorectal Cancer Patients 2.4 X more likely to have poor Vitamin D receptors (less D to cells) – April 2020 02 May, 2020
Coronaviruses attach to cells via ACE2, Vitamin D might reduce ACE2 23 Apr, 2020
Glucocorticoid treatment reduces Vitamin D getting to cells via 3 or 4 genes 07 Feb, 2020
Vitamin D may be a magic bullet for the cells (not based on Vitamin D blood tests) – Jan 2020 11 Jan, 2020
“Taste cells” found in lungs, gut, pancreas, thymus, etc help the immune system – Nov 2019 18 Nov, 2019
Stem cell transplant (HSCT) patients are dying due to lack of vitamin D – Oct 2019 28 Oct, 2019
Stem Cell Transplants consume vitamin D – July 2011 23 Oct, 2019
Stem cell transplant (HSCT). death 28 percent less likely for each 10ng higher vitamin D level – Oct 2019 23 Oct, 2019
Basal Cell Carcinoma reduced when Vitamin D levels kept above 25 ng – June 2019 30 Jun, 2019
Vitamin D (calcitriol) reduces ability of cancer cells from becoming drug resistant – June 2019 19 Jun, 2019

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