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Expect more health problems in the UK this winter – Nov 2012

Derived from Britain's bad summer will see epidemic of vitamin deficiency: expert The Telegraph, Nov 2012

Highlights for 2012

  • 18 % fewer hours of sunlight hours than average of the last 30 years
  • Fewer hours of sunlight than past ten years.
  • Parts of northern England recorded sunshine hours in summer similar to that of late winter.
  • Already worst whooping cough for decades
    (UK, Western Washington, Montana, etc. which have all had a cloudy 2012 summer)

There were so few hours of sunlight in in the UK in 2012 that many were unable to re-stock vitamin D levels

VitaminDWiki anticipates poorer health for UK at high risk of being vitamin D deficient

  • Seniors – more pneumonia, falls,
  • Pregnant – more pre-term birth, c-sections; rickets, preclampsia - specially with twins
  • Dark Skin – fewer pregnacies, more problems with pregnacies
  • Multiple Sclerosis– more relapses
  • Obese – worse health
  • Diabetics – worse health

Health problems which show up quickly with low vitamin D include:

Flu, Respiratory Tract Infection, pneumonia
Chronic Pain – such as back pain
Menstrual pain
Rheumatoid Arthritis pain
Seasonal Affective Disorder
Longer stays in hospital after surgery (recovery, MRSA)
More deaths while in hospital
Headaches, including migraine

Wooping Cough worse in 20 years, BBC Oct 2012


Wooping Cough in other places with poor sunshine in 2012 as well

Wooping cough highest in Washington state in 70 years
also Montana

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