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Dosing error gave 12000 IU vitamin D to infant, but no indication of any problem – April 2012

Dosing Error With Over-the-Counter Vitamin D Supplement: A Risk for Vitamin D Toxicity in Infants.

Clin Pediatr (Phila). 2012 Apr 5.
Rajakumar K, Reis EC, Holick MF.
PMID: 22492833
(Unable to post paper as it is copyrighted)

Instead of 400 IU an infant was given 12,000 IU of vitamin D daily for 20 days
Due to parents giving 1 mil liter as they were used to instead of 1 drop, from the new product
Authors were extremely concerned about infant toxicity
However, no problems at all:
Small excerpt from the paper

The infant was clinically stable with no symptoms and was feeding and acting well. The infant had no history of irritability, constipation, or abnormal movements. Examination revealed a calm, alert, well-appearing infant (weight 5.6 kg; 3rd-15th World Health Organization percentile) with no focal findings except slightly increased patellar deep tendon reflexes; no clonus was present. Serum calcium (10.5 mg/dL, reference range 8.8-10.8 mg/dL), phosphorus (6.4 mg/dL, reference range 4.5-6.5 mg/dL), electrolyte panel, creatinine, and blood urea nitrogen were normal.

20 days at 12,000 IU per day = 240,000 IU
Blood level was 400 ng/ml, which dropped down naturally to 50ng in 4 months

There continues to be is so much fear from vitamin D toxicity – even with decades of experience around the world with very young humans and other mammals with very high levels of vitamin D

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Many weeks for a really large DAILY dose of vitamin D to become toxic for adults

Graph of dose vs week

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