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Do not just take more Calcium if you fear Osteoporosis- Mercola Dec 2010

The section headings from The "Calcium Lie" Every Woman Should Know About

The Truth about Osteoporosis and Calcium Deficiency
- Describes book The Calcium Lie Amazon look inside the book 2008, 160 pages
- Too much Calcium and depletion of the 12 co-factors needed
Why Sally Field Could be Setting Herself Up for Osteoporosis with Boniva
Steer Clear of Steroids
Gluten Intolerance and Bone Loss
Other Foods that Lead to Bone Loss
Foods that Prevent Bone Loss
Prevent Bone Loss with Appropriate Sunshine Exposure
- VitaminDWiki comment - as well as Vitamin D and UV bulb in winter
The Importance of Omega-3 for Strong, Healthy Bones
Vitamin K2 is CRUCIAL in Preventing Osteoporosis
Are You Getting Enough Vitamin K from Your Diet?
Exercise to Prevent Bone Loss
Discover Acceleration Training
- Describes Whole body Vibration - which Admin of VitaminDWiki built for his wife for less than $200
Osteoporosis in Men
The Surprising Link Between Alzheimer's Disease and Bone Loss
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- Supplementing D including A and K
- Magneisum
- Calcium
- Osteoproosis

Taking more than vitamin D increases the amount of Calcium available to the body

Taking more than 3000 IU increases Calcium available by 3X

Avoid taking >500 mg of Calcium when you have enough vitamin D

released Nov 30, 2010

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