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Depression is often associated with low D and treated by Vitamin D – April 2022

Depression and Vitamin D: A Peculiar Relationship

Cureus. 2022 Apr 21;14(4):e24363. doi: 10.7759/cureus.24363
Nisha Saji Parel 1, Parimi Vamsi Krishna 2, Anuradha Gupta 3, Kamsika Uthayaseelan 4, Kivonika Uthayaseelan 5, Monika Kadari 6, Muhammad Subhan 7, Sripada Preetham Kasire 8

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Depression is a psychiatric disorder characterized by various symptoms that can impact one's quality of life. Vitamin D, a fat-soluble vitamin, is well-known for its role in bone health, and research on its effects on mental health has only recently emerged. Vitamin D deficiency is widespread worldwide, and it has been linked to an increased risk of depression. In this article, we have discussed different hypotheses that explain the role of vitamin D in gene expression and its effects on neurotransmitters and different brain functions. We have reviewed literature that shows us that Vitamin D deficiency is a risk factor for depression and explored studies that show us the effects of using or supplementing Vitamin D in preventing depression among various populations.

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Intervention of Vitamin D for Depression

Meta-analyses of Vitamin D and Depression

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Hints that suicide is associated with low vitamin D:

  1. Suicide peaks in the Spring, when vitamin D values are lowest
  2. Suicide has increased while vitamin D has been decreasing
  3. Suicide higher in dark-skinned individuals (low vitamin D due to built-in sun protection)
  4. Suicide higher in prison (shut-ins have low levels of vitamin D)
  5. Suicide attempts in males 3.7 X more likely if poor CYP24A1 gene (less D to cells)
  6. Suicide rate is higher at high latitudes (where vitamin D is less available)
    See Criteria to associate a health problem with low vitamin D

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