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Concussion which caused unconsciousness increased risk of Parkinson's by 50 percent (300,000 military) - May 2018

Even a Mild Head Injury Increases Your Risk for Parkinson's Disease Mercola

  • " Here, “concussion” was defined as loss of consciousness for up to 30 minutes or alteration of consciousness and/or amnesia for up to 24 hours"
  • "Medical records of nearly 326,000 U.S. military veterans ranging in age from 31 to 65 were evaluated in this retrospective cohort study, showing that a TBI resulting in loss of consciousness raised the risk of Parkinson’s by 56 percent."
  • "Those with one or more TBIs in their past also received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s on average two years earlier compared to those who had never had a TBI."
  • Includes information on Omega-3 and CBD and an interview of the author of the scientific study

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