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Cleaning out poor cells (autophagy) is increased by Vitamin D and fasting – 2023

Vitamin D in autophagy signaling for health and diseases: Insights on potential mechanisms and future perspectives

Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry 99 (2022) 108841 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jnutbio.2021.108841
Sujit Kumar Bhutia

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Vitamin D regulates the pleiotropic effect to maintain cellular homeostasis and epidemiological evidence establishes an association between vitamin D deficiency and various human diseases. Here, the role of autophagy, the cellular self-degradation process, in vitamin D-dependent function is documented in different cellular settings and discussed the molecular aspects for treating chronic inflammatory, infectious diseases, and cancer. Vitamin D activates autophagy through a genomic and non-genomic signaling pathway to influence a wide variety of physiological functions of different body organs along with bone health and calcium metabolism. Moreover, it induces autophagy as a protective mechanism to inhibit oxidative stress and apoptosis to regulate cell proliferation, differentiation, and immune modulation. Furthermore, vitamin D and its receptor regulate autophagy signaling to control inflammation and host immunity by activating antimicrobial defense mechanisms. Vitamin D has been revealed as a potent anticancer agent and induces autophagy to increase the response to radiation and chemotherapeutic drugs for potential cancer therapy. Increasing vitamin D levels in the human body through timely exposure to sunlight or vitamin D supplements could activate autophagy as part of the homeostasis mechanism to prevent multiple human diseases and aging-associated dysfunctions.
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Tried vitamin D + water fasting - Great! - Feb 2023

By the founder of VitaminDWiki, Henry Lahore
I had tried fasting many times in my life, but previous fasts only lasted about 1 day
The fasts were stopped because extreme lack of energy
In Jan 2023 our son tried water fasts which started with a large dose of Vitamin D
His 3 fasts were extremely successful

  • felt better,
  • lasted 3-4 days each
  • experience no energy/brain loss during the fast
  • lost about 5 lbs on each fast
  • did not feel especially hungry after the fast AND he kept the weight off (20 lbs so far)
  • felt that his brain was working much better after a fast, especially ones lasting 5 days

I added nanoemulsion vitamin D and ionized Magnesium several times each day
I successfully had a 3-day water fast
My results were similar to that of our son

Nanoemulsion Vitamin D may be a substantially better form
Be sure to swish the milliliter of nanoD in your mouth for a minute or two
This gets it directly into the blood stream without being delayed by the stomach, intestines, lymph (?), liver and kidneys.
  Note: Virtually every cell in your body has the ability to fully process vitamin D

Vitamin D also augments weight loss without fasting

Many studies have found that people who want to lose weight by caloie restriction or exercise have much more success when they add Vitamin D ( weeks or months before starting the weight loss plan unless they start with a loading dose)
Obesity has 67+ studies with WEIGHT in the Title
Have been unable to find anyone on the web who has tried Vitamin D + faster fasting
Please email me if you have any data or experience hlahore@gmail.com

Time-Restricted Eating and High Intensity Interval Training reduced fat Feb 2023

Combination of Time-Restricted Eating and HIIT Reduced Blood Sugar, Weight and Visceral Fat in Obese and Overweight Women

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