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COVID-19 risk reduced by vitamin D supplementation – umbrella review of 7 meta-analysis – Oct 2021

The role of vitamin D in prevention OF COVID-19 and its severity: an umbrella review

Acta Biomed. 2021 Oct 1;92(S6):e2021451. doi: 10.23750/abm.v92iS6.12216.
Lory Marika Margarucci 1, Montanari Enrico 2, Gianluca GIanfranceschi 3, Claudio Caprara 4, Federica Valeriani 5, Antonio Piccolella 6, Valentina Lombardi 7, Elena Scaramucci 8, Vincenzo Romano Spica 9 Italy

Background and aim: Vitamin D is known to modulate immune response and its deficiency was associated with respiratory distress in patients hospitalized for pneumonia. Nevertheless, numerous reviews on vitamin D in COVID-19 patients have shown conflicting results, as previously reported also for other respiratory diseases (e.g., influenza).

Methods: This umbrella review aims to assess whether low serum 25-OHD is associated with susceptibility to COVID 19, their severity, and mortality. A total of 1559 studies were excluded after the title, abstract and full-text articles screening and 9 papers were included in this review: 2 systematic reviews and 7 metanalysis.

Results: The findings of this review that summarized studies from 5 WHO regions (European Region, Region of the Americas, South-East Asia Region, Eastern Mediterranean Region, Western Pacific Region) to exclusion only African region, show that low serum 25-OHD levels are associated with higher infection risks for COVID-19.

Conclusions: Although the umbrella findings indicate a potential role of vitamin D deficiency in COVID-19 severity in hospitalized patients and showing an association between Vitamin D supplementation and COVID-19 severity, however, more robust data from randomized controlled trials are further needed to confirm a possible association with the mortality rates.

References for the above table

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