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Breast Cancer mortality cut in half if have lots of Selenium - Oct 2021

Selenium Levels May Predict Breast Cancer Mortality and Recurrence GrassrootsHealth

Key Points

  • Selenium (Se) is an essential mineral with antioxidant properties, and higher levels of selenium have been associated with lower risk of cancer, cognitive decline, cardiovascular disease, and COVID-19
  • One analysis from the study below found that patients with the highest serum Se concentrations had a 58% lower risk of death compared to patients with the lowest serum Se concentrations
  • When considered together, the three different biomarkers used to measure Se status were better at predicting mortality than three of the most important tumor characteristics (Nottingham histologic grade, tumor size, and number of lymph nodes involved)
  • Both selenium and vitamin D have been shown to be important factors in predicting breast cancer outcomes

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