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Best supplements for hay fever (Quercetin, which activates the Vitamin D receptor) - June 2019

Best supplements for hay fever: The 13p a day capsules proven relieve sufferers' symptoms Express,co.uk

They reference Quercetin and Its Anti-Allergic Immune Response
 Download the PDF from VitaminDWiki

They include a link to a previous news item
"Another vitamin which some experts say can help relieve hay fever symptoms is vitamin D."

See also VitaminDWiki

Vitamin D Receptor table shows what compensates for low VDR activation
Compensate for poor VDR by increasing one or more:

1) Vitamin D supplement  Sun
Ultraviolet -B
Vitamin D in the blood
and thus in the cells
2) MagnesiumVitamin D in the blood
 AND in the cells
3) Omega-3 Vitamin D in the cells
4) Resveratrol Vitamin D Receptor
5) Intense exercise Vitamin D Receptor
6) Get prescription for VDR activator
   paricalcitol, maxacalcitol?
Vitamin D Receptor
7) Quercetin (flavonoid) Vitamin D Receptor
8) Zinc is in the VDRVitamin D Receptor
9) BoronVitamin D Receptor ?,
10) Essential oils e.g. ginger, curcuminVitamin D Receptor
11) ProgesteroneVitamin D Receptor
12) Infrequent high concentration Vitamin D
Increases the concentration gradient
Vitamin D Receptor
13) Sulfroaphane and perhaps sulfurVitamin D Receptor
14) Butyrate especially gutVitamin D Receptor
15) BerberineVitamin D Receptor

Note: If you are not feeling enough benefit from Vitamin D, you might try increasing VDR activation. You might feel the benefit within days of adding one or more of the above

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