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Bariatric surgery less than 30 ng of vitamin D – 82 pcnt teens, 100 pcnt of black teens – June 2012

Check Vitamin D in Adolescents Before Bariatric Surgery Family Practice News

clips of paper presented by Dr. Marisa Censani at Endocrine Society. ENDO 2012

  • Every kilogram increase in BMI correlated with a 0.2-ng decrease in 25OHD levels,
  • Roughly 80% of African American deficient , rest had insufficient levels. (100%)
  • Hispanics, nearly 60% deficient, close to 25% had insufficient levels (85%)

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Overview Gut and vitamin D contains the following summary

  • Gut problems result in reduced absorption of Vitamin D, Magnesium, etc.
  • Celiac disease has a strong genetic component.
    • Most, but not all, people with celiac disease have a gene variant.
    • An adequate level vitamin D seems to decrease the probability of getting celiac disease.
    • Celiac disease causes poor absorption of nutrients such as vitamin D.
    • Bringing the blood level of vitamin D back to normal in patients with celiac disease decreases symptoms.
    • The prevalence of celiac disease, not just its diagnosis, has increased 4X in the past 30 years, similar to the increase in Vitamin D deficiency.
  • Review in Nov 2013 found that Vitamin D helped
    Many intervention clinical trials with vitamin D for Gut problems (101 trials listed as of Sept 2019)
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Overview Obesity and Vitamin D contains the following summary

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