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Autism has different causes but same inflammation in brain in half of autistics – May 2011

Autism changes molecular structure of the brain May 2011

Clipps from above article in MedicalXpress

“If you randomly pick 20 people with autism, the cause of each person's disease will be unique,”
“By measuring gene-expression levels in the cerebral cortex, the team uncovered consistent differences in how genes in autistic and healthy brains encode information.”
"From a molecular perspective, half of these brains shared a common genetic signature.
“Given autism's numerous causes, this was an unexpected and exciting finding."
“Diagnoses have expanded tenfold in the last decade.”

Abstract of paper

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Observation at VitaminDWiki

  • FACT: Vitamin D prevents and treats inflammation
  • FACT Autistics are generally very low on vitamin D
  • FACT: Many autistics can be treated with vitamin D
  • FACT: Enough vitamin D greatly reduced the occurrence of autism
  • OBSERVATION: Inflammation during pregnancy ==> child is 2X more likely to be autistic NYT June 2012
    Inflammation burned up vitamin D, leaving less for the fetus
    Easily cured by taking more vitamin D during pregnancy, especially if there is inflammation

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