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4X reduction in bone fractures following Kidney Transplant with monthly Vitamin D (100,000 IU) - RCT June 2019

VITALE study: High-dose vitamin D effective in lowering fracture rates after kidney transplantation news-medical.net

  • “The aim of the VITALE study was to compare the transplantation. A prospective, multicenter, double-blind, controlled trial, VITALE randomly assigned 536 kidney transplant recipients (mean age 50.8 years, 335 males) to either 100,000 IU (high dose) or 12,000 IU (low dose) cholecalciferol every two weeks for two months, then monthly for 22 months. In the study, 'low dose' corresponded to a minimum recommended intake of 400 UI/day.”
  • “The incidence of fractures was significantly lower in the high-dose group (1% versus 4% in the low-dose group; p=0.02).”

Unable to find an abstract of the RCT results on the web June 17, 2019
May have been presented at http://www.era-edta2019.org/ conference June 2019

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