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10 Mice were used to test the Newest Pfizer Vaccine against a for previous virus - Sept 2023

10 Mice Used to Test the Newest Pfizer COVID Jab


  • "September 11, 2023, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced it had approved reformulated monovalent COVID shots by Pfizer and Moderna for the fall for use in individuals 12 years of age and older. The agency has also issued emergency use authorization (EUA) for use of the reformulated jabs in children aged 6 months to 11 years"
  • "The updated mRNA injections contain a single modified RNA said to correspond to the Omicron variant XBB.1.5., which was the dominant variant in the U.S. for most of 2023, but which has since been replaced by other variants. XBB.1.5 accounted for just 3.1% of the circulating strains as of September 2, 2023"
  • According to authorities, this strain is different enough from the strains in any of the previous shots for them to recommend everyone take it, regardless of your previous COVID jab history"
  • "Americans are fed up with the COVID boosters, so federal officials have recast the new booster as an "annual immunization." However, certain groups will require up to three doses of this new shot. So, they’re basically just restarting the whole injection series all over"
  • "Pfizer’s testing of the reformulated monovalent shot against XBB.1.5., only involved 10 mice. Moderna’s version has been tested on 50 adults, one of whom required medical attention due to an adverse event, giving us a potential serious adverse event ratio of 1 in 50"
  • "Reformulated Shots Are Obsolete Out of the Gate"

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No longer bothering to test the vaccine on humans

children, adults. pregnant womem, seniors, unhealthy, previously vaccinated, etc

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