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UV and Vitamin D calculators

Nice user-friendly spreadsheet to estimate your vitamin D level can be downloaded if you have Microsoft Excel


Here is the spreadsheet with my location, skin color, age, weight,
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There are several UV calculators on the web

The following is an image of the web page -
2005 PDF describing the details of the calculator
2006 PDF

CLICK HERE for UV calculator from Norway

The following is another image of the web page

CLICK HERE for Healthy D UV calculator from Norway


Free Vitamin D evaluation service from Germany calculates how much D you need based on how you feel.

Need to add vitamin D for each of the following reasons

IU of vitamin D to add vs X

Unhealthy people need even more vitamin D

And - the blood levels vary by 4X between individuals.

See also VitaminDWiki

Map of annual solar radiation

Accounts for latitude and clouds, but not altitude (e.g. Colorado)

from http://www.lenzing.com/en/plastics/thermoplastics/artifical-turf/uv-stability.html

UV and Vitamin D calculators        

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